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growth○ of

projects●, according to a○nalyst Jea〓n-Michel Huet. W●hile the United Sta■t

es has expressed◆ cyber security conc○erns over Huaw◆ei's technolog〓y, the Chinese

com○pany has become a〓 major competitor in◆ the Afric○an market. Huawei

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the smart p■hone marke

◆is competing● against BlackBerry○ and Nokia● for a larger sh○are in the s●mart phone mar●ket in the co○ntinent. The

company● has sold hundr

eds◆ of thousands of p○hones in Ken○ya alone and its ●market share stand◆s at about 50%. I◆n southern● and eastern● Afri

ca, Huawei's 〓revenues

are ex○pected to rise ●to 30% in the 〓next two and a hal〓f years. Africa ■is one of the ◆company's m〓ost important i◆nternationa◆l markets. African● sales of Huawei ac●count for nearly

c◆h raises

a ■seventh of ●its total global◆ sales. The bran●d has prov■en successful with ●consumers, and Huaw◆ei has secured

◆funding on majo〓r private 〓and public ◆projects in Africa●. Huawei ha●s already ○assisted 18 Af◆rican governments◆ to build gov◆ernment ne■tworks in coun〓tries incl〓uding, Niger○ia, Kenya, Ug

anda,■ Senegal, Angola,● Guinea, and Dj●ibouti. Besides a■n aggressive m●arketing strateg◆y, Huawei has led〓 efforts to〓 upgrade Afric●a's cable infr

ast○ructure. Bigger pr●ojects have been 〓undertak